Kennedy Photo Challenge Day 6: Favourite Kennedy Moment or Story!

This is a very hard choice! There are so many to choose from. So here is one I recently read.

Photo: Jackie dancing the Twist with her designer Oleg Cassini in the London home of her sister Lee, 1962

"The year 1960 not only marked the election of the youngest President John F. Kennedy but the dance phenomena of the Twist, and both converged in the White House. The world focused on the clothing and entertaining and lifestyle of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Little did most people imagine, however, that she was also a “wicked Twister,” as one friend who saw the 31-year bend knees and elbows and turn like a corkscrew down to the East Room floor during a private party where the Twist was danced.

By the time she’d jet-setted to the Amalfi Coast for a summer vacation in 1962, the pure version of the Twist was spinning into variations like the Watusi, which she learned in some of the Italian nightspots. Her mother-in-law Rose Kennedy recorded in her diary that when Jackie arrived from Italy at the family’s Cape Cod compound, the First Lady taught them all the specifics of the new dances. None of those other dances, however, quite shook up the pop culture as did the Twist that Jackie loved.”

I can’t help but smile at the thought of Jackie having fun and doing the twist!